Passive aggressive dating pattern

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Passive aggressive dating pattern

This passive-aggressive pattern is dangerous in a relationship because if the person you are in a relationship with doesn’t know what you really think or want, they are not really in a relationship with you, as you truly are.

This cloudy communication style is detrimental to any relationship.

It can make them recall their childhood or other experiences of their past, when confrontation was peppered with insults and obscenities or an unresponsive party.

What the passive-aggressive doesn’t quite understand is that being assertive, not aggressive, can help empower a bond or relationship.

The fear always lurking around the corner for a passive-aggressive is that by succeeding or going out on a limb, will open them up to rejection, failure, ridicule or criticism.

Passive-aggressiveness will always stunt your spirit. Any direct dialogue, to some degree, is a terrifying prospect to a passive-aggressive person.

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Because the passive-aggressive doesn’t think they have many tools to deal with the ups and downs of relationships, they rely on old patterns or what they saw parents or siblings or friends do in their relationships.

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